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verybox MSI MS-9852, Slackware 12.2, Intel 82574L Gigabit

in short, the tiny verybox comes with two Intel 82574L Gigabit cards,
the Slackware 12.2 usb boot has non working e1000e kernel module, so no way to set up oven FTP or NFS.
in a view to install fast, make usb boot flash drive, and prepare one another large enough to store the iso file slackware-12.2-install-dvd.iso and e1000e-1.1.2.tar.gz – the network driver for the Intel cards.
lest give it a try:
the BIOS boot menu is at F11, set the box to boot from the usb boot, load the hugesmp.s kernel
before to start the setup, cfdisk /dev/sda in a view to make the proper partitions
start the setup
moun the swap, them set the target partitions
before to choose the install media — premounted local firectory,
switch to another console, plug the next USB drive
mount somewhere
for example i mount it at /opt/usb, then coy the iso file at local hard drive – for example /opt
then you may umont the second usb, and mount the iso file
example: mkdir -p /opt/installs/slackware/mntdvd
mount -t iso8660 -o loop /opt/slackware-12.2-install-dvd.iso /opt/installs/slackware/mntdvd

switch back to the console with the setup dialog window, and choose to install from premounted directory
and set it as /opt/installs/slackware/mntdvd/slackware
proceed as usual …

after install, copy from a usb this file : e1000e-1.1.2.tar.gz – its from the official Intel web site.
unpack somewhere, read the README file and install it, then depmod -a
then set the networks settings at /etc/rc.d/rc.inet1.conf, ot use netconfig .. which i dislike
and you are done.

cheers from Barcelona 🙂

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