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cable extender RS232 RJ45 Sound D-Sub 9-pin Panasonic, LG, Mitshubishi, Samsung

Well, it took me two years or so to master the cables I do for a project of mine: http://digisign-bg.com
Issue: you have big mama TV set away from the PC player, so you need video and sound signals to get  from the PC to the TV.

Good: Most of the modern TV sets have VGA and sound slots available.
Bad   : You need cable extenders and those at the market  most of the the time are useless – high price, bad quality or even non working at all.
Bad : wireless transfer is sexy, expensive  but useless at long distance and in home environment with a lot of interference.

So , I went a bit further, thanks to the good luck I got  LG TV set. Why good luck? Because  almost ALL of the LG brand have RS232 CONTROL  interface along with VGA and the SOUND.
And as I read the manuals for real, at LG they  use bisybox to listen to RS232  interface … i.e. LG is Linux powered 🙂
My respects to them.
Anyway, after short googling for the available options it was clear to me that one have to buy expensive professional extenders in a view to use the TV set as decent movie player.

So, Samsung, Panasonic, Mitsubishi use staight RS232 cables, LG does  not.
I made so far VGA to RJ45  extenders,  tested up to 60 meters , NO issues at all.
I made RS232 with Sound to RJ45 extenders for Panasonic, LG, Mitsubishi, Samsung – no issues at all up to 100 meters.
Have to say I tested with FTP cable. Not UTP, because the istallations I do are important and I use only high quality cables.
Will test next month VGA  and RS2332 with stereo sound extender  over UTP of 200 meters, when I get some cash to byu so long cable.
At the end, I can play a movie at the TV from the Slackware box of my daughter at the LG LCD, to switch to TV channels whenever I want, to mute the tv, control the volume,  to switch it off or on .. etc, and all that from Barcelona, Spain, while my daughter is still is Sofia , Bulgaria …:/

I am starting the cable-extenders.com , for custom/hand  made cable extenders. And will post there my project for embeded linux device with http API for controlling different brands of TV sets. Because  all of the popular TV brands  use different commands, protocols, checksums etc crap, as its high security issues someone to be able to use external control devices to manage the TV :/

Note, the http://www.cable-extenders.com is not published yet,
I host simple loadbalancer at http://www.cable-extenders.com in a view to avoid the idiot bots injecting porn hosts at the web server logs.

The RS232 / SOUND extender is now for sale here:

to be continued ..

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