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Linksys USBVPN1 howto under Slackware 12.1

Linksys USBVPN1 runs ADMtek ADM8511 chipset
Slackware 12.1 comes with 2.6 smp kernel, with pegasus driver compiled as loadable kernel modul.
the installation was done at :
root@toshiba:[Mon Nov 24 23:42:55]:[~]$ uname -a
Linux toshiba #1 SMP Sun Sep 7 14:24:32 EEST 2008 i686 Genuine Intel(R) CPU T2600 @ 2.16GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux
Once plugged in, the Liknsys USBVPN1 hardware will be detected and the driver will be loaded.
pegasus: v0.6.14 (2006/09/27), Pegasus/Pegasus II USB Ethernet driver
pegasus 5-1:1.0: can’t locate MII phy, using default
pegasus 5-1:1.0: eth1, Linksys USBVPN1, 00:06:25:fb:b7:1e
usbcore: registered new interface driver pegasus
/sbin/dhcpcd eth1 will get the IP and will set the routes.
BUT, everything will work smooth like 30 seconds.
Then the device will stop to respond, the http gui will not be reachable.
you MUST modprobe pegasus driver with arguments:
/sbin/modprobe pegasus mii_mode=1
so, in a view to solve much typeing :
echo “blacklist pegasus” >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist
echo “/sbin/modprobe pegasus mii_mode=1; sleep 1; /sbin/dhcpcd eth1;” >> /etc/rc.d/rc.local
echo “options pegasus mii_mode=1” > /etc/modprobe.d/pegasus
the above lines will prevent the driver to be loaded at bootup
then the driver will be loaded with the right parameters at multiuser mode
and the last line is attempt to set default parameters for the pegasus module, but it did not worked for me
now you may configure the device via the http gui
username is blank
password is: admin

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